What (If Anything) Should My Goals Be?

Haha -- don't expect Cosmism to tell you!

Nietzsche's version of the prophet Zarathustra said "Go away from me and resist Zarathustra!", and Cosmism has a certain affinity for this perspective.

My favored flavor of Cosmism advocates the principles of growth, choice and joy as top-level goals.

But regarding how to interpret these -- and how to break them down into subgoals -- it advocates diversity, not conformity.

By working out the details on our own and with others -- and hence making our own choices -- we can find joy and promote growth for ourselves and the cosmos.


  1. Someone posted on the main cryonics board a while ago that they had just read "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross and "The First Immortal" by James Halperin and then remarked about the strange state of mind that that transition put them in. Will there be a reading list for the coming cosmist club? If so, I nominate those two pieces of fiction.

  2. I have the suspicion that the Fermi Paradox is because it is very hard for an evolved species to so tranform itself from the inside out that it survives its technological singularity. Many of its evolved proclivities were evolved to cope with a much simpler and different environment. It must change and change quickly to survive radical environmental shift inescapable with accelerating technological change. So the work involves radical consciousness changes as much as it involves new technology.

    I think one of the things it is ours to do is to formulate as clear a view of the positive near term (up to and just through vingean singularity) and work out what we can do to prepare ourselves and our world as best we can. I don't think there is great hope it will just accidentally work out.