Respecting Ecosystems

One of the major dilemmas that needs to be obsoleted as we move forward is that between technology and environmental preservation.

Ecosystems are beautiful, complex things -- in fact, they are highly intelligent minds, though apparently lacking theaters of reflective, deliberative consciousness.

Further, ecosystem-minds blend richly into human minds ... we have evolved to include animals, plants and systems thereof in our extended minds. Many of us find we think and feel much more clearly when in the forest or other natural surroundings -- and there's no strange mystery here; it's because our extended minds encompass aspects of nature.

The advent of industrial and advanced technology is causing great damage to the ecosystem of Earth, leading to conflicts between some of those who deeply love the advance of technology and some of those who deeply love the Earth.

However, I think this is a temporary, albeit tragic, phenomenon. As technology advances further it will incur less and less environmental destruction, not more and more.

In fact, we can already see this happening. Technologically advanced nations are not the worst environmental offenders -- those are developing nations, who use cruder technologies more egregiously inflicting of environmental damage. Wealthier, more advanced nations value their clean air and water and parks to a greater extent.

The dilemma of "technology and environment" will be obsoleted as technology develops further, and becomes more flexible and efficient in its use of resources.

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  1. Putting aside the question of whether the environment had a 'mind' we should mind, I agree that the solution lies in more rather than less technology.

    Seems like we have a clear Maslovian, "Hierarchy of Needs" situation. People struggling for sheer survival are less inclined to place a high priority on basking in the wondrous beauty of nature.