Universal Mind

If awareness is immanent in everything, is it not immanent in the cosmos as a whole, as well?

Have we then reconstructed "God" within Cosmism?

This is a trick question, of course. "God" means many things to many people.

Some might say that I have found a strange path to "God," by way of Cosmism. Others would disagree, considering these philosophical thoughts unrelated to God or religious truth.

One thing is clear: The nature of the awareness of the cosmos remains largely unknown to us measly humans. Just as, in many religions, the nature of the "mind of God" is considered beyond human ken.

We may feel we have a sense of it, in certain states of awareness -- but then how can we truly know if we are connecting with the awareness of the whole, or just the awareness of a region of the cosmos much larger and more powerful than ourselves, yet miniscule compared with the whole thing?

Fortunately we don't need to answer this question. It is enough to expand our boundaries, to connect with mind that goes beyond us and to become more than we could previously understand or imagine.

We may approach the awareness of the cosmos incrementally through our ongoing growth, whether or not we ever get there (or whether "getting there" means anything).


  1. Yes, you have found a path to what many people call God. Believers in God are sensitive to the limits of their understanding just as you are.

  2. The only awareness and mind we know with certainty are those of human beings. If they need the complexity of the human brain to appear, the question is: is the complexity of the all cosmos equal or bigger than the human's one?
    Galaxies are only a bunch of nuclear devices called stars, gases and rocks. The cosmos as a all is nothing more then a big bunch of galaxies quite messy and very weakly organized. We don't see in the cosmos a complexity comparable to that of the human brain.
    I agree that the cosmos is not just dead matiere. We could all the most say that it has a kind of life, very primitive though.
    I think that you are projecting the human mind in the cosmos "outside".